Saturday, January 25, 2014

Drypoint Assignment Update

Drypoint Assignment
Collect a few images of line etchings or drypoint prints.
Some websites to check out:
Crown Point Press
Artists to look at:
Paul Klee
Jenny Schmid

Choose an artist's etching and make it your own.  For instance, Durer's Rhino could be changed into another animal. Your print is to be inspired by another artists line etching or drypoint print.  I am looking for similarities in line quality, composition and printing quality. If you chose a line etching there will be some differences as it is another technique but I will allow these line quality discrepancies.

You will need the following materials to complete this assignment:
Cooper plate
+file edges of plate
+polish plate
Etching Needle
Etching Papers- Arches, BFK, Stonehedge, Domestic Etch
Transfer Paper
Black Ink(provided)

Final :
An edition of three prints.
An edition of prints are to be identical; same paper, ink and margin size.

____Completed Edition of three.
____Signed, Numbered and Titled in pencil
____Clean Plate Edges
____Clean Margins (no fingerprints, unwanted ink, etc.)
____Properly cut/torn margins
____Margins no smaller than 1" around plate impression
____Proper ink application, is the print over-inked or under-inked?
____Flat prints(prints were properly pinned and dried)
If you can not complete the checklist, print again until you can.

Who was the artist you chose?

What was the print called?

When was it created?

How did you tweek the image to make it your own?

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